Publishing Update

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Just a quick update today as I try to get into the habit of blogging regularly again.

The basic list of 3 things is well under way. These were:

  • Standardize what I’ve published so far. I have the plan for this and have started to standardize the short fiction covers. After that, the covers for longer work. Once the covers are done, I’ll be doing the insides and updates in batches of five.
  • Prep the next few things for publication. By next few, I decided on four, two of which are samplers. The first of those, Bits of the Multiverse, is SF, complete, and available. The second is called Fragmented Realms and is a Fantasy sampler. This one won’t go up until I have the third one, Draugr Rising (novel-length Fantasy), ready to go. And the fourth still needs a touch of editing, but I’m glad I pulled “Foog” out of the trunk.
  • Set up a release schedule that runs at least the next 12 months. This was going an easy one, even before readying the next few publications. I’ve built an every-second-month release schedule mostly alternating between longer and shorter works, with a few bonus items mixed in, that has the specific titles selected for long fiction running through the end of 2025, and the shorter pieces still of standalone length until the end of 2023. Yes, I’ve got that much backlog. More, really.

Also, I think I originally wrote that those three things actually break out into a list of 26 items, which has grown to 33. That list covers more than just the three big things above, breaking those out into smaller things and adding back in some social media presence, fan fiction on AO3, and other publishing-related stuff.

I’ve finished the first 12 items on the list. Item 13, the Fantasy sampler, is complete except for the links for Draugr Rising. Item 14 is the publishing prep-work for Draugr Rising and “Foog”.

And I have other irons in the fire, too.

Be well, everyone.

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