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The 2022 Publishing Schedule

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I didn’t actually say, did I? Time to remedy that.

There are seven things in total (not counting Star Trek fanfic) on the list for 2022. I did mention that I’ll be releasing something for each even numbered month. That gives us:


Bits of the Multiverse – fifty-ish thousand words of SF that may represent a cross-section of my work in that genre. The first few chapters of four novels plus four complete short stories. I’ve talked about this before, and actually managed to get it done and out ahead of June

Scattered Realms just went up a couple of days ago. Same idea as Bits of the Multiverse, but in a Fantasy direction.

Draugr Rising is the first novel slotted for release this year. I posted about it yesterday. Release date is set for 21 June 2022.


“Foog” – alternating with a shorter piece for August, “Foog” is a science fiction novelette set a few hundred years from now with aliens both hostile and friendly, lost colonies, and a drop of Cold War Spy dialogue or two.


Big Hair Day is my first historical novel. Hey, the 80s are historical at this point. It’s a coming-of-age story told through key events of senior year 1986-87. There are some memories here, suitably bent in different directions, inspiration taken from people I knew in high school, and some fragments of real events that affect the characters in the story. It comes together nicely, I think.


“Branch Santa” – How do Santa and the Elves deal with things when we finally colonize the moon and there are children there?

The Citizen Trilogy – collecting all three of the novels in the trilogy (Heroes Inc, Hero’s Life, Fallen Heroes) into one volume.

Farther Out

It’s possible I may sneak something else into the mix, but that’s the plan for 2022 and it’s more than half built in the background. I hope to have files for everything else prepped by the end of July at the latest. The schedule for 2023 is also settled, though I still need to do the final “read it aloud” pass on several things. This should all be taken care of well in advance of the beginning of the year. And I’ve already started slotting things in for 2024 and 2025, although not all of those items have been written yet.

Long past time to commit to a schedule.

Be well, everyone.

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