Draugr Rising Cover

Draugr Rising Officially Launches Tomorrow

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But through the strangeness of Amazon, the paperback is already available. And I’ve just gone and pressed go on the epub version available in my Ko-Fi shop. Call it a soft launch, if you like.

Again, I’m not looking to do a big splash with this book, though I think I’m at the point with this release that I have enough of a body of work available that it’s time to start doing some higher level marketing than just blog posts and social media. Which is why item #31 on the ever expanding (currently 38) Publishing task list is “Develop Marketing Plan”. For reference, I’ve finished item #19 and everything between here and #31 is part of the standardization process which involves some cover tweaks and making the front and back matter match properly for all the books.

But that’s less important right now than the fact that


And for the first time in over a year. Yes, the academic life can really burn through your time if you want to do well. Proper planning can fix a lot of that, I hope.

Draugr Rising is the story of a single dad who discovers he’s descended from ancient Norse heroes and must defend Toronto (and the world) from the increasingly strange and deadly minions of a necromancer who’s about to break free from a prison he’s been held in for thousands of years.

Sounds fun, I hope. And if contemporary heroic fantasy might be your thing, the first four chapters are available on my website. Amazon has a much smaller sample, oddly, but I don’t see an option that lets me pick anymore.

I may have thoughts for a sequel.

Be well, everyone.

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