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There Goes America

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I remain thankful I’m not American, but I’m under no illusion that it can’t happen here.

After learning that the leaked US Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs Wade was the actual US Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs Wade and not just a scare tactic so a less brutal version wouldn’t seem so bad, I forced myself to take 48 hours before deciding how to express my horror in writing. I expressed plenty of outrage verbally and even more in the privacy of my own skull but tried to carry on approximately normally until those 48 hours had passed.

I turned my notes for yesterday’s post into an actual post and took great care to keep any hint of anger out of it.

I resisted the urge to comment on the outrage online.

I deliberately didn’t react to any of the memes, news articles, or discussions, and there were many, during my brief trips into social media.

I did housework and chores and carried on with work and writing.

I fed my family and my pets and myself.

But I’ve been angry the entire time. Angry and more thankful than usual that I’m not American. I can only imagine the disgust and shame I’d be adding to that anger if I were.

The thing about anger is that it’s a useless emotion unless you find a way to channel it into something constructive. I’m angry about a lot of things in Canadian society right now and have a hard time figuring out how to channel that. Not that I’m not angry about the political climate in the US and how it’s destroying their society and not that I’m under any illusion about the death toll this decision is going to cause in the so-called Red States, but as not-an-American all I can do with that anger is express it and offer my support. Since I live in another country, that support is essentially in writing.

Although I have been wondering what it would take to set up a non-profit corporation dedicated to abortion “tourism” for American women. I don’t have the expertise to navigate that or set it up, but it’s just possible I may have access to the expertise to figure it out. Setting it up is something different entirely.

As a Canadian, I can pay more attention to events on my side of the border.

The same forces claiming this victory in the US are at work in Canada too, although those forces can take different forms and expressions since we have different government and legal systems. But with the ‘say all the right things and do as little as possible’ federal government we have paired with the ‘courting the outraged extremists’ official opposition, adding in the ‘arrogant douchebags who feel entitled to their own alternate reality’ currently running things in my province, it’s already not a good recipe.

Our system, broken as it is, is harder for a small group to manipulate the amount of control that’s happened in the United States. That should be an extra source of outrage for Americans. Add it to the list that should have this Supreme Court decision and gun control in the first two slots.

Everyone, everywhere, who cares about people should be angry. Not everyone is, but everyone should be.

Don’t just be angry, though. Channel the anger. Let it radicalize you to fight.

Because the fight isn’t over. This was just the first round in America.

Canada, you should be gearing up because every success the people who want to take rights away have south of the border emboldens the same people on this side of it.

Stay angry, everyone.

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