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Bringing Back the Monthly Writing Report

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Only now it will be called the Monthly Writing and Publishing Report.

Or maybe just the Monthly Report. I reserve the right to add other creative endeavors to it.

I used to do this as much to give myself a boost for accomplishment as to keep anyone who cared to read up to date on what I’ve been doing. For the rest of this year, I’m not going to match anything up with goals – the 2022 goals went out the window sometime in January due to academics, which is something I should have known would happen based on how much I got done in the Fall term. Or how little, really. Going forward, I’m hoping for the July and August numbers to be higher than June across the board and expect that to drop off a lot when school is back in session.

This first round will get some extra explanation beyond the raw numbers and accomplishments, but there will be ten basic categories (this may change).

  1. First Drafts Finished, Short Stories: 3

One Hundred Words (a drabble – exactly 100 words), ST: Ahriman’s Crossing (8784 words), In a Fleeg Direction (1950 words).

This will be the most variable category per month, I think. I have a lot of short fiction to write or finish writing. It’s all a matter of available time.

  • First Drafts Finished, Novels: 0

Most of the time, this will probably be 0. I’m not actively drafting a novel right now.

  • Final Drafts Finished, Short Stories: 2

History Isn’t Cheep (17,006 words), In a Fleeg Direction (2204 words).

This will often be about stories that are very specific submissions or things I’m going to publish soonish. The numbers won’t get bigger here for a while – I have a bunch of things on the list to get to 2nd draft at the moment which will make the number of things to get to 3rd a lot bigger.

  • Final Drafts Finished, Novels: 0

Although I do hope to put a 1 here occasionally. The five Troll World novels just need that final read through, and I’d like to publish them next year, so they’ll probably start hitting the top of the list soon.

  • Total Raw Word Count: 25,940

Covers absolutely everything from first draft to last, fiction and non, and a few things I label as correspondence in the tracking file but aren’t really. Not exactly up to peak levels, but not at all bad for diving back into things. I hope July and August will be better and that I can maintain some momentum into the school year this time out.

  • Stories submitted: 11

10 stories and a poem. Jumping back into the trying to get my shorter work published by other people pool with both feet. The last several years have seen only a little effort in this area from me. I’ve got a lot of stories I haven’t tried to find homes for and a lot more I want to write. There was also a query that came back with a request to see the story in question, which is a good sign, but not a sale.

  • Stories accepted: 0

Really, I can’t expect anything in this one until at least next month. I’ve only just started submitting again. I did get one lightning-fast rejection back, though, with personalized feedback that showed the editor misinterpreted what I intended with the story. More likely, I didn’t do enough research about the market so didn’t send the type of story the editor would like.

  • Works Published: 2.

Scattered Realms (sampler) on 07 June, Draugr Rising (novel) on 21 June.

  • Blog Posts Posted: 12

A record for 2022 and more than the rest of the year so far. This is in the range of where I want to be per month. The target zone is 8-12.

  1. FanFic Posted: 1

Pride of Andor, a short novel, has finished posting.

I’m only working on AO3 (Archive of Our Own) right now, which is a fanfic specialty site, and you can find your favourite characters from pretty much any franchise ever doing something new and interesting there.

So, there’s the return of the Monthly Report. Questions, comments, even demands are welcome.

Be well, everyone.

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