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It’s Time to Podcast

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Probably long past time.

I’ve been threatening to podcast my fiction for a while and about a year ago even added to one of the short versions of my writer’s bio that I’m “conspiring to commit a podcast” of some of my fiction. Well, it’s time to stop conspiring and commit that podcast.

Or two podcasts.

The one that will likely start first won’t be my fiction. Instead, it will be about my fiction – the process, the things I think about, the way I see writing and the activities that go into and are part of it. I’ll likely branch out into publishing and other related creative work. This one will probably start first because it requires less initial time expenditure.

Which isn’t the same thing as saying I’m skimping on effort for it, but that I’m looking at the two podcasts in different ways.

The Weekly Writing Report (yeah, that might need a better name) is more timely. Aside from talking about writing, it’s going to give a quick recap of my creative efforts for the previous week. I’ve plotted out several dozen topics and opinions, and I’ll almost certainly fully script at least the first few episodes, but part of each episode will need to get recorded the night before I want to release it. When I’ve got everything ready for at least five episodes, I’ll make announcements. Hoping this one will start fairly soon.

Small Realities (I like that name, though), on the other paw, has a different intent. I’m not going to build each episode as I go but want to record the entirety of each story first, and I’m starting with a novel, then doing the bulk of the editing, and only then will I start building the episodes. When I have the first five episodes put together, I’ll announce a release schedule and a date for the first episode. Exactly when this podcast hits will depend a lot on my ability to read into a microphone consistently. And it’s possible, even likely, I’ll go bi-weekly for a while to make sure everything is running smoothly and I’m not overcommitting myself.

So, keep an eye out for my name in your podcast player. Hopefully, my voice isn’t too hard to listen to.

Be well, everyone.

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