Podcast Update

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Tentative, although pretty solid, launch date for the Weekly Writing Report is two weeks from today: 08 August 2022. I have:

  • Semi-scripted (okay, mostly scripted) the first 5 episodes,
  • Made notes for 5 more,
  • 20 potential writing-related topics beyond those,
  • Have the physical and software infrastructure I need,
  • Selected a hosting platform, though not actually set up the account yet,
  • Found theme music and the sound effects I want for what I need.

Next steps:

  • Actually set up the account on the hosting platform,
  • Record,
  • Start releasing episodes.

Sure, Lance, but why do you still need two weeks to get that done? Just produce it already.

Well, if it was the only thing I had to do, I could probably get the first episode out today and go on from there. But it’s a crowded summer, and there’s only six weeks left before classes start again. Many, many things to do between now and then.

Be well, everyone.

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