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Podcast Pushed Back a Week and the (Late) Monthly Writing Report

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Doubling up on what goes into this Monday post so I don’t wind up writing two posts.

First, like the title suggests, I’m pushing the podcast launch back a week for the Weekly Writing Report. Since I don’t know that anyone will actually listen to this one, and that’s okay, it’s not a big deal. Life intervened. Well, that’s not really true. I left my laptop and USB drive at my parent’s place on a visit and my last backup was a disgusting three weeks old (older by the time I got the USB back and fixed now). I didn’t want to duplicate everything I’d done so had to wait until I could make another trip up. That’s where life intervened and not just mine. So, the new plan is the 15th of August, which works just fine.

Now, the writing report, and I’ll try to streamline it a bit to keep things brief. You may know how easy that isn’t for me.

First Drafts Finished, Short Stories: 1

I actually spent more time on non-fiction than fiction this month. Prodded by my oldest daughter who reminds me to write down memories and family stories every time one comes up, I’ve pulled together the bits of a project that I’ve been poking at since I was about 30, retitled it the Memory Project, re-organized it, and have been working away at the first volume which covers my childhood until we moved back to Ontario for my father’s last few years in the Air Force.

First Drafts Finished, Novels: 0

Might be a while before I get to put a number here, but I am making some progress on one.

Final Drafts Finished, Short Stories: 0

Not a lot of editing done in July that wasn’t for a story I was about to send out, but 2 shorts did make it from 1st draft to second.

Final Drafts Finished, Novels: 0

Also not really surprising.

Total Raw Word Count: 40,732

Which is a nice, comfortable total. August is likely to be less as I ramp up the academic prep for 2nd year, but hopefully will be as healthy as June was, at least.

Stories submitted: 15

This might have been more, but my basic tracking file was on that thumb drive.

Stories accepted: 0

Plenty of rejections, of course, since that’s how things work unless you’re a top of the heap A-list author, but about half of mine have been nicely personalized, which is great, and I have two stories being held for second round, so there’s hope.

Works Published: 0

But I didn’t have anything scheduled under the Cyborg Bunny label for July. August will see 1 here, with hopes for something somewhere else, too.

Blog Posts Posted: 8

Just squeaking into the target zone of 8-12.

FanFic Posted: 1

“Smog Alert”, a TOS novelette with Lieutenant Commander Sulu temporarily in Command of the Enterprise.

And that’s the Monthly Report for July. More to come in August.

Questions, comments, even demands are welcome.

Be well, everyone.

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