The Podcast Rises!

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I’ve decided on a Tuesday release schedule instead of the originally planned Monday. I sometimes write late at night and want to be able to count all the words when I record. If I record on Monday, that’s going to be easier.

The first episode is on the shorter side. In the early days of podcasting, I think people would have made it Episode 0 to introduce the podcast and what it will be about, but that always felt a bit weird to me, and threw off the episode count.

Actually, the episodes will generally be short. I’m going to try to keep around or under the 10-minute mark for these, with a goal of figuring out a process fairly quickly. I’d like to get to the point where they take an hour or less from pressing go on Audacity and pressing upload for the MP3 file. Today’s 6 1/2 minute episode took about two hours, but I’m still doing a lot of things for the first time.

Now the trick is to maintain a regular production schedule.

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