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New Ebook Live!

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Had I been smart enough to have a blog post prepped, I would have made this announcement yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough and yesterday got demolished by other commitments. So….

“History Isn’t Cheap” is live!

His name is Foog, Kymbflikpk Foog. He’s an agent for the Xiyan Historical Service and prefers his Flemlik Ooze scrambled, not whipped. He’s also discovered evidence of a lost Xiyan colony deep in the territory of a hostile alien species and it’s his job to find the truth of what happened to that colony.

But he can’t do it alone.

Wallace Tran isn’t sure he wants to help, but the paycheck is very, very large.

“History Isn’t Cheap” is long novelette, almost reaching into short novel territory, science fiction, and sometimes a bit tongue in cheek about Cold War spy literature and movies.

It’s on the Amazon platform of your choice (her are the two link that I think most folks who see this might use – and

You can also get it in my Ko-Fi shop as an EPUB format ebook, and if you buy it there between now and Labour Day, you can use the code FOOG to get it for half price.

Amazon has a sample, of course, but there’s one here on my website, too. Second from the top as of right now. There are samples of everything else I’ve published, too.

Be well, everyone.

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