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Way, way behind on so many things.

There are reasons, most of them academic. I’ve deliberately set myself a harder than necessary second year so that third year will be a little easier than the normal brutality in my program and cascading adjustments will let fourth year be a Thesis focus picking up the remaining requirements.

But that means a lot of other stuff is behind.

Writing in general, and as relates to the blog, I don’t recall the last time I posted, but I could certainly look it up and be disappointed with how long it’s been.

So, to dip my toe back into blogging, an announcement!

My flash piece, “Boom-daze” appeared on episode 737 of the Manawaker Studios Flash Fiction podcast. Set sometime in the 1980s, a teenager uses most of his savings to buy his first portable stereo, what we used to call a Boom Box, and then nearly loses it.

This is the first non-SF, non-F story I’ve placed anywhere, and I’m rather proud of it. Comments I’ve gotten are very positive. And the narration is great. Here’s the link. Give it a listen, and let me know what you think.

Be well, everyone.

Boom-daze – FFP 0737

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