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Announcement – Doors and Shadows

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Slowly making headway. A little writing, a little plotting, a little blogging, and I actually got an episode of the Weekly Writing Report out last week (and tomorrow is looking good for another), so I’m feeling better about the writing journey right now.

Today, it’s time for another announcement. Which, as I type, is giving me a peculiar form of déjà vu. It feels like I’ve written the primary details about this before, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, so perhaps it was in an alternate timeline.


My short story, “Doors and Shadows” is set to appear in the upcoming anthology from Flame Tree Press, Hidden Realms, and the intended cover is beautiful. At somewhere in the vicinity of 500 pages, I can’t wait to hold it in my hands. Even more, I can’t wait for other people to hold it in theirs.

Hidden Realms is scheduled for a January UK release and a March release in North America. It looks like a major tome, and the modern authors in the volume will be appearing alongside some pretty staggeringly large classic names. I’m a little scared to find out whose story I’m next to, but I haven’t seen the proof yet, so that’s still a future shock. It will be in book stores, on Amazon, and the publisher will have a dedicated page to it, as well.

Really, really excited about this one.

I’m putting a link to the announcement page below, but you can expect me to mention it more than once in the future as the publication date gets closer.

Be well, everyone.

Flame Tree Announcement:

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