Monthly Writing Report – October 2022

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Right, the monthly writing report. The one I haven’t done in three months, and that one was late.

Still, since I claim to be getting back on track, I should put something here, shouldn’t I? Let’s streamline it, though.

In October, I managed a whole 3 blog posts, 2 journal entries, and about a thousand words of fiction. On top of that, there was some academic writing for a couple of courses and I managed to start podcasting again after a gap longer than the Weekly Writing Report had been running. I was able to announce two story sales, and I’m not saying I’ve got something I’m not allowed to talk about yet, but you can infer what you like from that. Plus, Interrupted Shore Leave is in progress on AO3 – that’s the fanfic piece.

Short and to the point. I’ll get wordier for the report for November, mostly because there will be more to report I hope.

Be well, everyone.

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