Writing Recap for 2022

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I’ll say it again: overall, 2022 was a good year, but you’d never know it by looking at my blog. Flipflopping on the Edna Mode quote, I’m going to spend this post looking back. I’m not going to hit every category I track things under, just the high points, I think. And I’m not going to reference last year’s goals. They were mostly unrealistic based on how the academics worked out. I’ve scaled things back a bit for 2023.

Total word count: 155,072. Almost 2/3 of this falls under the heading of non-fiction, and most of that working on the Memory Project. To refresh, that’s a sort of personal history journey where I’ve broken up my life into easily definable periods and I’m pulling out key and/or interesting memories to present as vignettes. I’ve been sort of poking at this project for a very long time, but my oldest daughter has been pushing for it lately, so it’s moved far up the queue.

Stories completed (1st draft): 7 between shorts and flash. Not exactly a huge accomplishment, but measurable, and I’m not unhappy with it.

Stories Sold: 2. Again, not huge, but since I only really just started submitting stories again at the end of the summer, the success rate isn’t bad at all.

Indie Publishing: 2 – one novel and one long novelette that almost pushes into short novel territory.

Novels outlined: 1, the sequel to Draugr Rising, tentatively titled Kami Falling. Yes, I’m fond of themed titles for related books.

That’s the big marks for last year. Looking for this year to be a little stronger, or at least involving more fiction.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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