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Winter Term 2023

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I think I mentioned that this year was a heavy one, and deliberately. It’s not quite as heavy as I originally planned overall due to dropping a course first term. I didn’t want to, exactly, but the first assignment handed out had some Python programming on a topic that was listed for the last week of my the Python programming course I’d started taking at the same time. Seemed like a recipe for a low grade and I can’t afford those. Nothing I really wanted to take, as in nothing I felt contributed enough to my goals, fit the free space, so I focused on the courses I was taking in hopes of pulling off spectacular grades in those. Two out of three ain’t bad, and the third was very good. I’m still waiting for enough marks to come back on the last one to be able to judge.

But the Winter term starts tomorrow and I planned a heavy course load.

And it is.

I wrote in November that I’d gotten into a creative writing course. It took the place of something else that I can pick up when convenient in third or fourth year.

My other non-physics course is a second-year course in Introductory Statistics. Doesn’t look too horrible, but I’ve had other courses I thought that in advance that needed a lot of time and effort to get the marks. I don’t know if this is one of them or not. We’ll see.

But some of the physics isn’t going to be easy this term.

Vibrations and Waves.


Experimental Physics.


Which will be the hard ones? All of them? None of them? Well, probably not none of them, but hopefully not all of them or I’m in for a really rough term.

But that was part of the idea of making this year a bit heavier, so that next year could be just a little lighter and fourth year… well, let’s not spoil the possible plans there yet. A couple of things have to go right in the meantime and the grades have to stay good to make it work.

In the meantime, wish me luck, great memory, and enough uninterrupted sleep.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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