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    Episode 2

    by I’m probably not going to announce it every week… well, I might for the first few, but Episode two of The Weekly Writing Report is live. This week, I give a quick overview of my basic fiction writing process. I know I’ve talked about it on more than one occasion here, but this is the first time it’s gone into audio form. What I probably should do is put the player in the sidebar so it’s always here and I won’t have to post about it every week. But it’s still pretty new and I like drawing attention to it. Stay safe and be well, everyone. by

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    School Is Fast Approaching

    by So school starts two weeks from tomorrow. And I mean school for me, in case you were wondering. Long story that’s been told elsewhere summarized: Covid-19 Shutdown of my industry Buy Out Package My wife explaining to me that it’s time to do those things I’ve dreamed about turning into a career Back to University The intention at the outside is to follow a science degree with an education degree and spend my remaining professional years as a high school science and math teacher. That’s evolved a bit, but the basic premise is still the same. This year, with things back to normal I’m looking for the full university…

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    New Ebook Live!

    by Had I been smart enough to have a blog post prepped, I would have made this announcement yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough and yesterday got demolished by other commitments. So…. “History Isn’t Cheap” is live! His name is Foog, Kymbflikpk Foog. He’s an agent for the Xiyan Historical Service and prefers his Flemlik Ooze scrambled, not whipped. He’s also discovered evidence of a lost Xiyan colony deep in the territory of a hostile alien species and it’s his job to find the truth of what happened to that colony. But he can’t do it alone. Wallace Tran isn’t sure he wants to help, but the paycheck is very,…

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    The Podcast Rises!

    by I’ve decided on a Tuesday release schedule instead of the originally planned Monday. I sometimes write late at night and want to be able to count all the words when I record. If I record on Monday, that’s going to be easier. The first episode is on the shorter side. In the early days of podcasting, I think people would have made it Episode 0 to introduce the podcast and what it will be about, but that always felt a bit weird to me, and threw off the episode count. Actually, the episodes will generally be short. I’m going to try to keep around or under the 10-minute mark…

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    Podcast Pushed Back a Week and the (Late) Monthly Writing Report

    by Doubling up on what goes into this Monday post so I don’t wind up writing two posts. First, like the title suggests, I’m pushing the podcast launch back a week for the Weekly Writing Report. Since I don’t know that anyone will actually listen to this one, and that’s okay, it’s not a big deal. Life intervened. Well, that’s not really true. I left my laptop and USB drive at my parent’s place on a visit and my last backup was a disgusting three weeks old (older by the time I got the USB back and fixed now). I didn’t want to duplicate everything I’d done so had to…

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    Thoughts On Buck Rogers Season 2

    by I was eight the year Buck Rogers came to television. I remember it fondly. Season 2 began just after my tenth birthday. A bit of an extra gap for the time period, but it looks like it appeared as a mid-season replacement. I’ve been doing a middle-age rewatch of the show for a while, and as I type this, I have two episodes left in the second season. I’ll probably finish it by the end of the long weekend, and I have thoughts. Season 1 is filled with 1970s cheesy SF goodness. Action, sound effects, bright colours, disco music whenever they could get away with it, and the beginnings…

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    The Lawn Must Go

    by Not because I’m tired of mowing it, though I am. Not because I have to have not one but two separate pieces of equipment to take care of it, and I do. And not because I don’t get any actually use or enjoyment out of it, and I don’t. The lawn has to go because grass is the most useless thing you can possibly grow on any bit of land and I’ve finally decided I have the energy to start a landscaping project that needs the time and effort committed that this one does. Okay, grass isn’t completely useless, it does produce some oxygen and it does lock up…

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    Podcast Update

    by Tentative, although pretty solid, launch date for the Weekly Writing Report is two weeks from today: 08 August 2022. I have: Semi-scripted (okay, mostly scripted) the first 5 episodes, Made notes for 5 more, 20 potential writing-related topics beyond those, Have the physical and software infrastructure I need, Selected a hosting platform, though not actually set up the account yet, Found theme music and the sound effects I want for what I need. Next steps: Actually set up the account on the hosting platform, Record, Start releasing episodes. Sure, Lance, but why do you still need two weeks to get that done? Just produce it already. Well, if it…

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    Where I Stand On Poetry

    by A bunch of years ago now, a friend tried to convince me to broaden my definition of poetry. On the surface of things, she was slightly successful. I’d taken the position that poetry has to rhyme. I didn’t really mean that and gave her that point in my opening salvo. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, but it does have to have structure. Now, before someone gets upset and starts an angry email about free verse and how it’s the epitome of poetry, I’ll remind you that you’re entirely free to enjoy what you enjoy and use whatever definition you’d like. But you’re not going to convince me. Part of…

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    It’s Time to Podcast

    by Probably long past time. I’ve been threatening to podcast my fiction for a while and about a year ago even added to one of the short versions of my writer’s bio that I’m “conspiring to commit a podcast” of some of my fiction. Well, it’s time to stop conspiring and commit that podcast. Or two podcasts. The one that will likely start first won’t be my fiction. Instead, it will be about my fiction – the process, the things I think about, the way I see writing and the activities that go into and are part of it. I’ll likely branch out into publishing and other related creative work.…