Works In Progress

Referencing my blog post from December 6th, 2019 where I described in very rough level detail my plans for the next few months for my writing and listed the number of incomplete works I currently have, there used to be a complete list of those things at all lengths here. That’s too much work to maintain, so I’m pulling everything but novels back to just numbers.

what you’ll find on this page is the list of those things, stories of various lengths that are at least 1st draft complete but not yet what I consider final draft or ready for other eyes. I’m going to work bottom-up in each length classification from “the basic rough plot is done” to “just needs that final read aloud pass”.

Flash Fiction: less than 1500 words

Short Fiction 1500 to 7500

Novelette: 7500 to 17,500 words

Novella/Short Novel 17,500 to 40,000 words

Novel: more than 40,000 words.

I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but if I’m honest with myself, I’m going to regularly forget this page is here and then do a bunch of updates all at once.

For the individual stories, the line will look like:

Title, Genre, Current Word Count

Flash (up to 1k words)

1st Draft Complete: 1

2nd Draft Complete: 3

3rd Draft Complete: 14

Short (1-7.5k words)

In progress: 25

1st Draft Complete: 23

2nd Draft Complete: 18

3rd Draft Complete: 2

Novelette (7.5-17.5k words)

In progress: 0

1st Draft Complete: 6

2nd Draft Complete: 0

3rd Draft Complete: 0

Novella/Short Novel (17.5k-40k words)

In Progress: 0

1st Draft Complete: 6

2nd Draft Complete: 0

3rd Draft Complete: 0

Novel (40k+ words)

Outline IP

My Cousin Hans, Hist

Speculative Emotion, Collection

Peacebringers, SF trilogy


Godhead 3, F

Unified Destiny, SF

Seven Days a King, SF

Strewn Across the Stars, SF

Kami Falling, F

1st Draft IP

Converging Destiny, Science Fiction, 30k

Alishran, Fantasy, 22k

Scorpion’s Prize, Science Fiction, 5k

Curaçao Alien, Science Fiction, 5k

Tashiik Dreams, 8k

Stalled/On Hold

Iron Jack, Fantasy, 13k

Stoneweavers, Fantasy, 52k

1st Draft Complete

Dragon Summer, Fantasy, 108k (My first-ever drafted novel, and it will never be seen by human eyes.)

Godhead 1, Fantasy, 126k

Godhead 2, Fantasy, 104k

Revision Notes Complete

Nothing currently at this stage.

2nd Draft Complete

Welkiri Corps, SF, 64k

3rd Draft Complete

Troll World 1: Arena, 67k

Troll World 2: Shrine, 58k

Troll World 3: Forest, 54k

Troll World 4: Palace, 91k

Troll World 5: Battlefield, 90k