Works In Progress

Referencing my blog post from December 6th where I described in very rough level detail my plans for the next few months for my writing and listed the number of incomplete works I currently have, what you’ll find on this page is the list of those things, stories of various lengths that are at least 1st draft complete but not yet what I consider final draft or ready for other eyes. I’m going to work bottom-up, from “the basic rough plot is done” to “just needs that final read aloud pass”. For entertainment value, I also break things into groups based on length:

Flash Fiction: less than 1500 words

Short Fiction 1500 to 7500

Novelette: 7500 to 17,500 words

Novella/Short Novel 17,500 to 40,000 words

Novel: more than 40,000 words.

I will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, but if I’m honest with myself, it’s only likely to get updated once or twice per month at best. It’s a big list.

For the individual stories, the line will look like:

Title, Genre, Current Word Count


1st Draft Complete

Alphabet Fantasy, Fantasy, 109

Werewolf Movie Flash, Fantasy, 318

Demo Reel, Erotic Horror, 569

The Art of Night, Science Fiction, 610

Aliens Abroad, Science Fiction, 617

Long Distance Call, Science Fiction, 618

Gaining Time, Science Fiction, 628

A Tourist’s Guide to the Galaxy, Science Fiction, 833

Job Hunt, Fantasy, 836

Vampire Flash 02, Fantasy, 868

Mummy Flash 02, Fantasy, 852

3rd Draft Complete

Tabouli Breath, Fantasy, 639


1st Draft Complete

Wraith Flash, Fantasy, 1127

Vampire Flash 01, Science Fiction, 1133

Untitled Ghost Flash 2, Fantasy, 1173

Untitled Ghost Flash, Fantasy, 1235

April Fooled, Horror, 1592

Old Japanese Spirit, Fantasy, 1618

Vampire 04, Fantasy, 1857

Skeleton 02, Science Fiction, 2073

Reporting for Duty, Science Fiction, 2512

Jiang Shi, Fantasy, 2644

The Snake God’s Quest, Science Fiction, 2699

Phantom, Fantasy, 2727

Vampire 02, Fantasy, 2749

Stranded on the Moon, Science Fiction, 2997

A Good Run, Science Fiction, 3107

Ghost 01, Science Fiction, 3279

The Mistress Will Provide, Fantasy, 3296

It’s All Downhill From Here, Science Fiction, 3307

Listening Station, Science Fiction, 3698

Mister Haiku, Science Fiction, 3729

Alternate Daughters, Science Fiction, 3775

Life’s Advocate, Science Fiction, 3820

Santas & Bears, Fantasy, 3846

Nachzehrer, Fantasy, 4020

Dreaming the Phoenix, Fantasy, 4525

Emerald Storm, Science Fiction, 4625

Relativity Liner, Science Fiction, 4688

The Pied Piper of Hamelin Entertainment, Horror, 4780

Johnny and the Dread, Science Fiction, 5207

Spectre, Fantasy, 5679

Ghost 02, Fantasy, 5839

Crack in the Driveway, Science Fiction, 6131

Space Broccoli, Science Fiction, 6398

Replaceable, Science Fiction, 6589

Betting Pool, Science Fiction, 6677

Hear Me Roar, Science Fiction, 6841

The Trees Walk, Science Fiction, 7019

2nd Draft Complete

The Day I Destroyed the World, Science Fiction, 1947

podcaster cryptozoology story, Fantasy, 2070

Geocaching Alien, Science Fiction, 5002

3rd Draft Complete

The King’s Blessing, Fantasy, 3099, 2745


1st Draft Complete

Welcome to the Swamp, Science Fiction, 8748

Island Heroes, Fantasy, 8949

Closing Time, Science Fiction, 10811

Foog, Science Fiction, 11909

Ship of the Line, Science Fiction, 13002

Lake of Stars, Science Fiction, 15682

Novella/Short Novel

1st Draft Complete

Hello, My Name Is…, Science Fiction, 24756

A Gathering of Heroes, Fantasy, 22031

Last of the Sorcerer Kings, Fantasy, 21465

Klaatu Barada Nicto, Baby!, Science Fiction, 19704

Company of the Dead, Fantasy, 18202

Sleep of History, Science Fiction, 17377


Outline IP

My Cousin Hans, Hist


Godhead 3, F

Unified Destiny, SF

Seven Days a King, SF

Strewn Across the Stars, SF

1st Draft IP

Converging Destiny, Science Fiction, 30k

Scorpion’s Prize, Science Fiction, 5k

Curaçao Alien, Science Fiction, 5k


Alishran, Fantasy, 22k

Iron Jack, Fantasy, 13k

Stoneweavers, Fantasy, 52k

1st Draft Complete

Dragon Summer, Fantasy, 108k (My first-ever drafted novel, and it will never be seen by human eyes.)

Godhead 1, Fantasy, 126k

Godhead 2, Fantasy, 104k

Revision Notes Complete

Fallen Heroes, Super Hero, 52k

Troll World 2: Shrine, Fantasy, 48k

Troll World 3: Forest, Fantasy, 47k

Troll World 4: Palace, Fantasy, 85k

Troll World 5: Battlefield, 74k

Welkiri Corps, Science Fiction, 61k

2nd Draft Complete

Warforge: Caledonia, Science Fiction, 132k

3rd Draft Complete

A Matter of Honour, SF (fanfic), 42k

Big Hair Day, Hist, 60k

Troll World 1: Arena, 67k