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    My Ko-Fi Shop

    by I’ve mentioned it here and there but haven’t made a big deal out of it. I don’t often make a big deal out of things, do I? Probably, I should make a bigger deal out of this. There are a lot of crowdfunding models available for creators now and a lot of different services to take advantage of them. While I likely will branch out to a couple of other things as well, I’ve picked Ko-Fi as a starting point for several reasons. Ko-Fi has been around for a couple of years and they seem fairly stable. How little they take in commission – nothing on tips/donations and 5%…

  • Draugr Rising Cover
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    Launch Day!

    by Yup! Draugr Rising has been released all the places it’s supposed to be so far. Which is basically all the Amazon market places and in my Ko-Fi shop (which is more important to me, at least). Again, the first four chapters are here if you’d like to check it out and see if you’ll enjoy my writing style and the story first. I think it’s a fun story but I’m also self-aware enough to recognize that not everyone likes the same stuff. Be well, everyone. by

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    The 2022 Publishing Schedule

    by I didn’t actually say, did I? Time to remedy that. There are seven things in total (not counting Star Trek fanfic) on the list for 2022. I did mention that I’ll be releasing something for each even numbered month. That gives us: June Bits of the Multiverse – fifty-ish thousand words of SF that may represent a cross-section of my work in that genre. The first few chapters of four novels plus four complete short stories. I’ve talked about this before, and actually managed to get it done and out ahead of June Scattered Realms just went up a couple of days ago. Same idea as Bits of the…

  • Draugr Rising Cover
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    The Next Novel

    by As in the next one I’m going to publish. Prep work is done. Files are uploaded in most of the places (one left and that’s for today), Draugr Rising will release on 21 June 2022. On the Solstice for an obscure reason that ties into the book, sort of. I think this might be the first novel I’m releasing that’s in the first person, told from the perspective of Jerry, a man approaching forty who’s been widowed and lost both his parents in the past year so is left to raise his teenage daughter on his own. He discovers that he’s also the mortal descendent of a Norse god…

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    Giving It Away

    by Once upon a time, it was possible to give your e-book away for free on Amazon. This was not really recommended unless you were trying to hook people into a series. Lots of hopeful authors did it anyway, forgetting that most people don’t value what they don’t pay for. Lots of hopeful authors would still be doing it if they could. Amazon will now only let you give away your book if you’re part of the KDP Select program (which appears to mean that you only sell your book through them, something I’m not willing to do at this point) and only for a five-day period once in a…

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    The Indie Pub List

    by So I’ve already mucked up the blogging 2 out of 3 Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan. This post was supposed to have been yesterday. I want to be fair to myself and say I started on a Wednesday and yesterday was crowded and I’m writing it now… so maybe I will. Life isn’t always smooth on a daily basis. The plan for this post is a basic list of all the indie publishing I’ve done so far and a sharing the publishing schedule from now to the end of the year. Side note: the list of 26 items on the publishing reorganization is now up to 30 after having first…

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    Anniversaries are an Annual Thing – That’s Sort of the Point

    by I don’t think I posted about it last year, but we had our 25th wedding anniversary during COVID. I know we’re far from the only ones to have much-muted milestones during the pandemic, but even then we figured it would be a while before we came out the other side. Well, here it is our 26th anniversary, and we’re not out to that other side yet. It might still be a while in coming, but that’s a subject for another time. For now, it’s worth noting that 26 years ago today, in seven hours or so, our wedding ceremony started. Lots of stuff since then and lots more to…

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    The Launching of Ancient Runes

    by So I’ve decided to have some fun and actually have a my own version of a book launch for Ancient Runes, which will be available on May 7th at $2.99 US (modified by exchange rates into other currencies which I unfortunately have no control over). That price will last for exactly 30 days, at which point it will move to $4.99, which is what I’m calling my “normal” price in the current version of the market for a novel that comes in under 85k words. Ancient Runes is only a few hundred words under that threshold. There won’t be a tour of any kind, but I do want to…

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    Trollsign is Live on Amazon

    by Look at that. All this “extra” time, and I’m actually moving forward on a bunch of creative stuff. In this case, my second live ebook this week. Trollsign is serializing for free on Wattpad, where it’s about three-quarters complete. If you like it enough to have a copy of your very own, or if you want to know how it ends sooner than the ending will post, well, here’s your chance. I’ve posted links for both and below. I have some covers to build, but I’m hoping to manage a short story (maybe two), a Novelette, and a Novel in the next couple of weeks. In and…

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    Day One

    by And along came COVID-19. Or, as a great poet once wrote, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley.” Since the last post on 22 February, I have drafted, or least dictated and mostly edited, eight different blog posts. They will all probably still happen at some point but will likely need a little bit of updating or alteration first. The last couple of weeks have been fairly hectic, particularly the last seven or eight days as my company, a gaming company with typically large venues, joins the growing list of companies to “temporarily suspend operations”. The OLG, a crown corporation of the Government of Ontario…