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    by I don’t keep it a secret that I write some fanfiction, and so far it’s all set in the Star Trek prime universe. Nearly all of it is in or surrounds The Original Series time frame. I have written several pieces that happen in an overlap with the TOS/TAS timeline, in certain ways filling a few gaps in, and a few things in the time after the five-year mission but before TMP starts. The story I am currently drafting takes place a couple of years before the James T. Kirk five-year mission and not on the Enterprise. I have plans for a couple of stories in the TWOK era…

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    In the Immortal Words of Admiral Ackbar

    by So there’s this little rant making the rounds on social media complaining about Pepé le Pew being cancelled. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times in the last two days on Facebook. What follows is direct copypasta. I’ve put it in quotes and changed the justification, but here it is in all its… well, not so much glory as word salad. “Listen up Buttercups! As someone who actually grew up watching PePe LePew (and all those “BAD” Saturday morning cartoons), I never saw Pepe as a rapist or promoting rapist culture. HELL I didn’t even know what a rapist was. I WAS A CHILD! Let me impart my…

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    Star Trek Sunday: The ST FanFic List

    by So most of this on the page I have dedicated to it, but keeping the Star Trek Sunday trend going, I thought it might be fun to list all of the TOS fanfic I’ve produced so far. There’s a decent amount of it, especially in terms of raw word count, but not a flood. Yet. Give me time. Eventually, all of the ideas I have will turn into stories. I’m not going to link to the individual stories that I’ve released, but rather to the dedicated page on this site and to the basic search string on Wattpad that will give you the full list of what’s currently available.…

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    Serial Update

    by Rolling back to the idea that I’m trying to have three ongoing serials going at the same time, two of them are about to finish up so I’ll be rolling into new ones. Heroes Inc., of course, still has a long way to go as the novel. Forty-five chapters to go, in fact. “Trollsign” has two short scenes worth of denouement to go and they’ll both go up next week. There is a story planned to follow it, and it’s ready to go. Well, ready except for a final title. All I’ll say right now is that there’s a vampire involved. “OCS Bound” will finish a week from Sunday…

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    Highway Pirates

    by I’ve started to dip my toe into video. Sort of an extra creative outlet during the current period of isolation. If you’re interested seeing me be boring on video for almost six minutes, you can find that here: The next one, recording tomorrow, I hope, will be better. Well, I’ll look at the camera more, anyway. About half of the above video consists of me reading a very short story. If you’d rather here it with the voices in your head instead, it’s below. Copyright 2020 by me, etc. Please enjoy, and be well, everyone. Highway Pirates Bradon stabbed a finger at the side mirror. “Behind us, Dad!” “I…

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    Trollsign Cover Reveal

    by Okay, not a reveal, exactly, if you’ve been reading it at all on Wattpad, but there will be an e-book very shortly and I’m planning to use the stone foot cover. That said, I’d really like to be able to produce something like this but in stone, for reasons that will make complete sense if you read the story. Minimalist design speaks to me right now, but stone dice are hard to come by. Especially with spots instead of numerals. And that’s really important in context. Be well, everyone. by

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    New Serials

    by There’s been a bit of a gap, but I’m kicking the serials back into gear. By the time this posts, two of them will have started already, and the third should be launching tomorrow. Covers all link to the serials on Wattpad. First up, “Trollsign”. Sorry. I’m tentatively using the first cover but I really like minimalism of the second, and they both make sense in context of the story. “Trollsign” is a 13,000-word novelette with 14 scenes. Several of those are really short, so I think the serial is likely to happen in 10 releases. New scenes release on Wattpad on Wednesdays and started on February 19th. Next,…

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    Psst! Do you like fanfic?

    by In particular, Star Trek fanfic? I’ve got two available now. And more on the way. So far, there are two of seven shorts available, and there will be a novel in there somewhere, too, because it’s going through the final draft reading right now. Mostly, I enjoy working with the supporting and background characters from the series, usually using the Big Three in smaller roles, but there’s a little variability there. It’s a big universe to play in. Details on this page, but I thought I’d mention it, just in case. Be well, everyone. by

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    Drabble: Learning to Fly

    by Throw yourself at the ground and miss. That’s what Arthur Dent had done, what the Whale and Petunia hadn’t managed. Satire, wonderfully brilliant and completely appropriate as Alyssa watched the ground rising to meet her. After the inevitable Tom Petty, a horrid lyric leapt to mind. He jumped from 40,000 feet, forgot to pull the cord. She hadn’t forgotten, it just hadn’t worked. Same with the backup, and she didn’t have much faith in the automatic release right now. Alyssa stretched out her limbs to slow her descent. She might as well enjoy the view as she learned to fly. by

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    Drabble: It’s Full of Drones

    by It’s a drone-filled world. Military drones. Expensive, solid, better all the time. Commercial drones. Delivery models beat the media drones to market by a few months. Toy drones. Cheap, crappy things with minutes-long battery life. Proliferation led to better quality, better batteries, better cameras. Easy, high tech voyeurism. Privacy concerns fought back. Legislation, protests, and, eventually, tiny hunters. A quick electric shock knocks most over-the-counter pre-fabs out of the sky. Scratch one spy. But my hunter didn’t come home last night. The last frame of video catches a hazy image of something bigger, darker, menacing. Begun, the drone wars have. by