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    Political & News Podcasts I’m Listening To

    by Some days, I like to be alone with my thoughts while I work. Some days, I want to know as much as possible of what’s going on in the world. Some days, I want to listen to someone read to me. Some days, it’s some combination of those three. The longer we practice public health measures for COVID, the more I find myself sliding into the second category: I need to know everything. I like to be well-informed, though there are times I feel like I might be taking it to an extreme, and there are certainly times I’ve found myself with inability to bite down on an opinion…

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    Top 10 Ad Astra 2013 Moments

    by My daughters and I went to the Ad Astra SF convention in Toronto (technically Markham, but it’s attached) last weekend and we had an awesome time. A busy weekend filled with geeky goodness. We spent most of the weekend in costume (all of it in the case of my oldest daughter while the younger daughter and I took half of Sunday off), so I didn’t get a lot of pictures. Hoping that someone is going to post some, but frequent Google searches haven’t come up with much yet. Hint, hint. (A handful of pics in a slideshow here, including one of us with my head cut off, and a…

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    March Writing Update

    by   So the targets I set for March were aggressive considering a family vacation and what I met and missed is a bit scattered. I didn’t really contend with the level of exhaustion when I got back from vacation and didn’t predict a small hardware failure (and fried flash drive) resulting in the loss of several days work (yes, I’ve been lazy about backups lately) or taking a week off after that hardware failure. Or the amount of time the girls and I have spent prepping for Ad Astra next weekend. All of which is okay. Especially the last one. That’s better than okay, it’s awesome. But to focus…

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    February Writing Update

    by February Writing Update Covering the month of February, 2013, here’s an update of my writing progress for the month with maybe a couple of sentences at the end on where I am for the year. Total Words of New Fiction: 16,586 Of which 5,880 were in Dreams of Freedom. Yes, I set a low bench mark of 5,000 this month, but that was to focus on other things while still making a progress on the first draft. Another 4,918 went into new material for the first of the Warforge: Caledonia short novels, finishing off one transitional scene, all of a second, and starting a third. There are three more…

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    World Fantasy Convention 2012, Rough Plans

    by So World Fantasy Convention, the Toronto 2012 edition, starts on Thursday (ack, the day after tomorrow!), and as I’ve expressed several times, I’m both excited and nervous. When someone (that’s you, Wendy) talked me off the fence last year, I was nearly at the mental low point of the “my life is far more difficult than I think it needs to be”, and not too far off of when I started shutting off sources of stress and distraction (which ended up being most of the world) to focus my attention on kids and family. I looked at it from a writing career perspective: potential contacts and networking with some…