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    There Goes America

    by I remain thankful I’m not American, but I’m under no illusion that it can’t happen here. After learning that the leaked US Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs Wade was the actual US Supreme Court decision regarding Roe vs Wade and not just a scare tactic so a less brutal version wouldn’t seem so bad, I forced myself to take 48 hours before deciding how to express my horror in writing. I expressed plenty of outrage verbally and even more in the privacy of my own skull but tried to carry on approximately normally until those 48 hours had passed. I turned my notes for yesterday’s post into an…

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    Science fiction is what we point to when we say it.

    by – Damon Knight, Science Fiction Adventures (November 1952) Or, more fully, “That the term ‘science fiction’ is a misnomer, that trying to get two enthusiasts to agree on a definition of it leads only to bloody knuckles; that better labels have been devised (Heinlein’s suggestion, ‘speculative fiction’, is the best, I think), but that we’re stuck with this one; and that it will do us no particular harm if we remember that, like ‘The Saturday Evening Post’, it means what we point to when we say it.” But the simplified version has been used to define, defend, and dismiss for seventy years now. The third one of those may…

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    The New Political Landscape in Ontario

    by Two weeks ago, I woke up to the nearly finalized results of the Ontario general election. Not that they hadn’t been almost as finalized when I went to bed. A little time has passed since then and I haven’t heard any major noises contesting things, so we’re probably locked in. Ultimate result is that the Conservatives won 83/124 seats with 40.8% of the popular vote and a 43.5% voter turnout. However you might feel about the Conservatives, that’s wrong. They know it. Every other party knows it. We all know it. Essentially all the power to run the province was granted to a party that got its support from…

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    Why Does the Gun Come First?

    by Why does the gun Come first for some? I see a Taser and baton And Pepper spray – where have they gone? And does no one teach unarmed techniques? Are the lines so blurred? Where are the words? No thought for de-escalation Shouldn’t that be the foundation To show you care That you’re aware Of more than just the power in your hand? That you understand There are better ways to make your mark Than to crush the life from glowing sparks by

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    America Is Burning

    by I’m not seeing it as much on Mainstream Media as I was a week ago, but it’s still all over my social media and independent services. Protests, anger, people whose eyes are finally open to the racism all around us. Spread across the world. Eight minutes and 46 seconds. I live in Canada and we often pride ourselves on how much better we are than the States when it comes to pretty much every social issue you want to name. Better isn’t the same as good, though, and you can find plenty of news stories just in the past week to show that we have a lot of the…

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    I Wear My Politics Openly

    by This was original drafted before COVID19 really took off outside China. I’ve left it, but as each days passes it becomes ever more apparent that politics are still being played. The only real difference at this point is that there being lives at stick is much more open and obvious. But that’s not where I’m going with this. Politics are a part of everything. As long as there are people, there will be politics because no two people see things the same way. In ever-larger groups, politics are important to ensure that everyone gets a voice, but in ever-larger groups issues get ever more complicated and it becomes harder…

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    Opinions on the Internet (Or in the Real World)

    by It seems likely that anyone reading this in the moment knows that there’s a worldwide pandemic going on. There are certainly people out there who don’t get what that means, but it’s likely there are fewer folks all of the time who don’t know that something is going on. I’m personally in a non-essential industry and have been off work for two weeks now. Staying busy, so it’s not so bad yet. That may change. My wife works for an essential service, so her stress level is higher than it needs to be. That probably won’t change for a while. Busy or not, I’m spending too much time on…

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    I Kind of Hate Christmas

    by Confession time: I kind of hate Christmas. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word. And I don’t necessarily mean the basic concept of Christmas itself. Whatever religious significance you’d like to attach to the holiday, to me Christmas is the gatherings of family and friends, a sharing of thoughts and time, a reminder of the important things. Whatever particular version of a particular holiday you choose to celebrate this time of year, I’d be willing to bet that those things are somewhere close to its core. Unfortunately, that’s not what our society is trying to force down our throats, and hasn’t been for a really long time. What…

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    Reliance on Power

    by I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but our society has a tremendous reliance on power built in. I’m not talking about electricity here, although it’s particularly important to the operation of our society on pretty much every level. Electricity, and the ability to produce it, basically determines how prosperous your society and its individual members can be, on average. In any society, slight differences in ability or starting position can make huge difference in the long run. Big differences in those same areas can increase those disparities by orders of magnitude. And that’s the kind of power, fundamentally, I’m talking about. Even if the electrical kind, however generated, is…

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    Another Manufactured Controversy

    by So it’s amazing what becomes a controversy these days.I suppose I shouldn’t be amazed anymore, with the “War on Christmas” getting more ridiculous every year. But somehow, I am. Still surprised, that is.I’ve participated in a number of conversations on this one for some reason. Some have gone well and some not so much. Now, I’m waiting for it to die, but it’s just not going away. The amount of indignation over a handful of radio stations dropping “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” from their Christmas play lists his pretty @%&king ridiculous, really. In my mind, it’s a very simple business decision. Some small number of your customer base complains…