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    My Youngest Child is Now a Legal Adult

    by So the 50th birthday is supposed to make you feel old in some ways, yes? It does that for most of us at least a little, I think. At age 50, you look around at your friends and see how old they’re getting and you look at your parents if they’re still with you, and you’re forcibly reminded of your own mortality. You’re getting older. But you know what’s worse? Having your youngest child experience the birthday that makes them a legal adult, and that’s today. Wow. Yeah, now I feel old. Today, I’m letting my mind roll back over all those moments, good and bad. First words, first…

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    Oldest’s Birthday

    by Under the heading of, “Today I feel old”, my oldest child turned 22 today. Twenty-two years ago today at 0142 in the morning, my son joined our family. It was a good day, COVID notwithstanding. Sushi, cake, presents, bad movies, and he won a League of Legends tournament. Twenty-two years after that dark winter night. 8,036 days later. So many events, so many memories, so many years. Happy birthday, my son. by

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    My Son Coming Home

    by It’s the 30th of April, 2019 and, just in time for the school buses to be running, we are moving our soon back home. Never mind that we were half an hour early to pick up our truck which was not ready and while they had a record of our reservation, although not at the place we were supposed to pick it up, they did not have a truck held for us. Thankfully, there was one was unloading, that had potentially been flagged for someone else, but our reservation was in first and they honoured it. However, that meant we didn’t pick it up until 1 PM. Two hours…

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    My Youngest Turns 16

    by Holy crap, my youngest child is old enough to drive. She elected not to go write the test today, already having enough on her plate, but could have. Maybe on the weekend. But my youngest child is old enough to drive. It’s crystal in my memory holding her for the first time, her holding my finger for the first time, the sheer amount of hair (with blonde highlights) she was born with, bringing her home from the hospital, and on. It’s not so easy for me to wrap my head around the idea that it’s been sixteen years since that day she finally came into our lives. It should…

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    Another Child Driving

    by It seems like I enter a new era every few weeks lately. Last month, my oldest daughter (who turned 16 in May) finally wrote and passed her exam to achieve a G1 license in Ontario. She’s held off for the timing to be convenient and she was mentally prepared rather than wanting to rush into the Drivetest Centre the moment she was legally able to. Sets her own pace for her own tasks, my child. No, you should not be afraid. She’ll be a competent driver in short order and I have every expectation that she’ll actually be a good driver with a little practice. The point is that…

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    Once Again, I Feel Old

    by So she absolutely hates it when I post about her, or even mention her in passing on social media, so I’ll leave names out to protect the innocent and merely note that my oldest daughter turned sixteen today. Whether she wants to admit it or not, that’s a big deal. I feel old, and I often get nostalgic on my kids’ birthdays, remembering when I held them first, brought them home from the hospital, watched for first steps, listened for first words, went to tea parties and school shows, picked them up when they fell down, held them when they were sick, and all of the other firsts and…

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    You Are Not a Pet Parent. Really.

    by So I’m not sure why the phrase “pet parent” irritates me so much, far more than pet owner. Actually, that’s not true. I am sure, but that surety actually had a couple of people willing to argue about it with me yesterday, even after I offered a better word. What’s the word? Guardian. You’re not a parent, you’re a guardian. Someone is shouting semantics at their computer screen right now, but it’s not. The difference between parent and guardian is not like the difference between big and large, far and distant, or brother/sister and sibling. Parent and guardian are not synonyms, they define two different relationships. As a parent,…

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    Life Lessons From 2014

    by We should always be learning. I’ve learned lots this year as well as others. But some lessons stand out and sometimes because they were hard to learn or relearn. I have four picks for this year, each learned or relearned or reinforced in a different way. If someone is wrong on the Internet, it’s not that important. Rather than telling someone they’re wrong on FB (or Twitter, or wherever), it’s often just as satisfying to comment out loud to yourself without posting. Humans being humans, most people are just going to resent the correction anyway. Make an exception when they’re posing a danger to themselves or others. If you…