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    The Creative Plan for 2023

    by Overall, 2022 was a good year, but you’d never know it by looking at my blog. Fewer than 40 posts for the whole year. But my total word count for 2022 was just a few words over 155k. Yes, not the most productive year I’ve ever had, but it’s nothing to sneeze at and I’m very happy with the progress I made on the projects I focused on. And 2022 is over. To borrow a quote, “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” (Edna Mode, The Incredibles) I actually look back quite a bit. Nostalgia and I are close friends. But that’s not what this post…

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    Episode 2

    by I’m probably not going to announce it every week… well, I might for the first few, but Episode two of The Weekly Writing Report is live. This week, I give a quick overview of my basic fiction writing process. I know I’ve talked about it on more than one occasion here, but this is the first time it’s gone into audio form. What I probably should do is put the player in the sidebar so it’s always here and I won’t have to post about it every week. But it’s still pretty new and I like drawing attention to it. Stay safe and be well, everyone. by

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    Podcast Pushed Back a Week and the (Late) Monthly Writing Report

    by Doubling up on what goes into this Monday post so I don’t wind up writing two posts. First, like the title suggests, I’m pushing the podcast launch back a week for the Weekly Writing Report. Since I don’t know that anyone will actually listen to this one, and that’s okay, it’s not a big deal. Life intervened. Well, that’s not really true. I left my laptop and USB drive at my parent’s place on a visit and my last backup was a disgusting three weeks old (older by the time I got the USB back and fixed now). I didn’t want to duplicate everything I’d done so had to…

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    Podcast Update

    by Tentative, although pretty solid, launch date for the Weekly Writing Report is two weeks from today: 08 August 2022. I have: Semi-scripted (okay, mostly scripted) the first 5 episodes, Made notes for 5 more, 20 potential writing-related topics beyond those, Have the physical and software infrastructure I need, Selected a hosting platform, though not actually set up the account yet, Found theme music and the sound effects I want for what I need. Next steps: Actually set up the account on the hosting platform, Record, Start releasing episodes. Sure, Lance, but why do you still need two weeks to get that done? Just produce it already. Well, if it…

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    It’s Time to Podcast

    by Probably long past time. I’ve been threatening to podcast my fiction for a while and about a year ago even added to one of the short versions of my writer’s bio that I’m “conspiring to commit a podcast” of some of my fiction. Well, it’s time to stop conspiring and commit that podcast. Or two podcasts. The one that will likely start first won’t be my fiction. Instead, it will be about my fiction – the process, the things I think about, the way I see writing and the activities that go into and are part of it. I’ll likely branch out into publishing and other related creative work.…