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    Another Trip Around the Sun

    by I’m 51 today. If you’re keeping track, that means I was born in 1970. It also means I’ve spent the last few years growing more conscious of my age and the ages of the important people around me, particularly the ones who are significantly older. Strange how we grow more aware of our mortality in middle age. To go along with that, there’s the idea with deep roots in my head that I need to make the rest of my time in the universe as productive and meaningful as I can. In the neighbourhood of my 50th birthday last year, I significantly overestimated how productive I’d be on the…

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    You Need Balance, Grasshopper

    by So the question is why I didn’t post for most of May and all of June. I suppose the answer can be made very simple: school. Reality is a bit more than that, of course. It wasn’t really a secret, and I posted about it a couple of times before running silent, that I was returning to university for an undergraduate degree. I talked about the plans in a lot of detail yesterday, so I’m not going to go into it again. But it might be worth discussing exactly what that means in terms of a time commitment. You can find it a number of places on the Queen’s…

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    English Is Weird

    by Okay, so that’s not really news to anyone, but if you study it in detail, you start to discover just how weird. To borrow a quote: “English is not a language, it’s three languages wearing a trench coat pretending to be one.” – Gugulethu Mhlungu According to articles and studies I’ve been reading lately, English pulls about 82% of its vocabulary and most of its structures from Latin, French, and earlier Germanic Languages (Old English, Old Norse, etc). The rest comes from Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and a whole lot of things that are based on language of origin for trade goods (coffee comes from Arabic via Dutch,…