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    Writing Recap for 2022

    by I’ll say it again: overall, 2022 was a good year, but you’d never know it by looking at my blog. Flipflopping on the Edna Mode quote, I’m going to spend this post looking back. I’m not going to hit every category I track things under, just the high points, I think. And I’m not going to reference last year’s goals. They were mostly unrealistic based on how the academics worked out. I’ve scaled things back a bit for 2023. Total word count: 155,072. Almost 2/3 of this falls under the heading of non-fiction, and most of that working on the Memory Project. To refresh, that’s a sort of personal…

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    The Creative Plan for 2023

    by Overall, 2022 was a good year, but you’d never know it by looking at my blog. Fewer than 40 posts for the whole year. But my total word count for 2022 was just a few words over 155k. Yes, not the most productive year I’ve ever had, but it’s nothing to sneeze at and I’m very happy with the progress I made on the projects I focused on. And 2022 is over. To borrow a quote, “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” (Edna Mode, The Incredibles) I actually look back quite a bit. Nostalgia and I are close friends. But that’s not what this post…

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    Monthly Writing Report – October 2022

    by Right, the monthly writing report. The one I haven’t done in three months, and that one was late. Still, since I claim to be getting back on track, I should put something here, shouldn’t I? Let’s streamline it, though. In October, I managed a whole 3 blog posts, 2 journal entries, and about a thousand words of fiction. On top of that, there was some academic writing for a couple of courses and I managed to start podcasting again after a gap longer than the Weekly Writing Report had been running. I was able to announce two story sales, and I’m not saying I’ve got something I’m not allowed…

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    Episode 2

    by I’m probably not going to announce it every week… well, I might for the first few, but Episode two of The Weekly Writing Report is live. This week, I give a quick overview of my basic fiction writing process. I know I’ve talked about it on more than one occasion here, but this is the first time it’s gone into audio form. What I probably should do is put the player in the sidebar so it’s always here and I won’t have to post about it every week. But it’s still pretty new and I like drawing attention to it. Stay safe and be well, everyone. by

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    New Ebook Live!

    by Had I been smart enough to have a blog post prepped, I would have made this announcement yesterday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough and yesterday got demolished by other commitments. So…. “History Isn’t Cheap” is live! His name is Foog, Kymbflikpk Foog. He’s an agent for the Xiyan Historical Service and prefers his Flemlik Ooze scrambled, not whipped. He’s also discovered evidence of a lost Xiyan colony deep in the territory of a hostile alien species and it’s his job to find the truth of what happened to that colony. But he can’t do it alone. Wallace Tran isn’t sure he wants to help, but the paycheck is very,…

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    Podcast Pushed Back a Week and the (Late) Monthly Writing Report

    by Doubling up on what goes into this Monday post so I don’t wind up writing two posts. First, like the title suggests, I’m pushing the podcast launch back a week for the Weekly Writing Report. Since I don’t know that anyone will actually listen to this one, and that’s okay, it’s not a big deal. Life intervened. Well, that’s not really true. I left my laptop and USB drive at my parent’s place on a visit and my last backup was a disgusting three weeks old (older by the time I got the USB back and fixed now). I didn’t want to duplicate everything I’d done so had to…

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    Where I Stand On Poetry

    by A bunch of years ago now, a friend tried to convince me to broaden my definition of poetry. On the surface of things, she was slightly successful. I’d taken the position that poetry has to rhyme. I didn’t really mean that and gave her that point in my opening salvo. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, but it does have to have structure. Now, before someone gets upset and starts an angry email about free verse and how it’s the epitome of poetry, I’ll remind you that you’re entirely free to enjoy what you enjoy and use whatever definition you’d like. But you’re not going to convince me. Part of…

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    Cut Doesn’t Mean Thrown Away

    by Writers may have run across the phrase that you need to “kill your darlings”. A sentence, scene, storyline, or character unnecessary to the plot needs to be removed for the sake of the overall story. For reference, this means to be objective when you edit. Make sure that everything in the final story needs to be there. It doesn’t mean to get rid of things just to make the story shorter, to fit some arbitrary word count, because it’s your favourite, or anything like that. It also doesn’t mean you just throw it away. Maybe it’s the germ of some other story. Maybe it can be fleshed out a…

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    Bringing Back the Monthly Writing Report

    by Only now it will be called the Monthly Writing and Publishing Report. Or maybe just the Monthly Report. I reserve the right to add other creative endeavors to it. I used to do this as much to give myself a boost for accomplishment as to keep anyone who cared to read up to date on what I’ve been doing. For the rest of this year, I’m not going to match anything up with goals – the 2022 goals went out the window sometime in January due to academics, which is something I should have known would happen based on how much I got done in the Fall term. Or…

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    My Ko-Fi Shop

    by I’ve mentioned it here and there but haven’t made a big deal out of it. I don’t often make a big deal out of things, do I? Probably, I should make a bigger deal out of this. There are a lot of crowdfunding models available for creators now and a lot of different services to take advantage of them. While I likely will branch out to a couple of other things as well, I’ve picked Ko-Fi as a starting point for several reasons. Ko-Fi has been around for a couple of years and they seem fairly stable. How little they take in commission – nothing on tips/donations and 5%…