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An eclectic group of university friends has just their final year at Tranquility University on the Moon. Rather than just looking for normal, boring jobs and drifting apart, they decide to pool their resources and talents to go asteroid prospecting. But the journey will to take them a lot farther than the Belt and it might not be as easy as the dream that gave birth to it.

Skip to My Luu went live as an ebook an on 23 March 2019. If serial fiction is your thing, it’s currently posting on Wattpad with updates on Fridays beginning the next day, a chapter at a time. (Ish. There are a couple of chapters that are a little on the long side for web serialization so those will probably get broken up a bit.) If getting cliffhangered isn’t your thing and waiting for the next installment isn’t fun, consider the ebook. There will also be a paperback version momentarily.

Skip to My Luu saw it’s first draft originally completed in summer of 2008. Yes, that long ago. And then I didn’t touch it for more than three years. Several editing passes and much revision later, it was 14,000 words longer and worked much better. And then I left it alone for a few more years. Recently dusted off again, I still liked the story and decided I really should do something with it. But first, just one more read through, which set me a bit behind, to make some tiny adjustments here and there.

Eventually, you have to let go, though. And it’s time to do that with this story.

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