Thorvald’s Wyrd

Long retired from his days a-Viking, Thorvald now makes his life working the land. But as he offers prayers to the gods in the depths of Mother Night, he finds himself standing at the edge of a world wider than he ever believed he might see. In the darkest moment of the year, the sun has been kidnapped and imprisoned. To find her, Thorvald will have to walk in places where even the gods cannot go and face a foe he can barely understand.

Introduction (taken directly from the book):

Thorvald’s Wyrd was something of an experiment.

There’s an idea that you can tell a complete story in exactly 100 words—not as easy as it sounds—and Thorvald’s Wyrd is an extension of that idea. Originally, I intended 100 scenes, each with 100 words, to weave a larger tale. As often happens, it grew in the telling, finally complete at 129 scenes {after peaking at about 140} and no way to cut or merge anything else without losing some essential moment of the story.

A less aesthetic word count, but a much better read.

I hope you find some enjoyment in what follows.


Thorvald’s Wyrd went live on Amazon on 09 March 2019 as an ebook. I’ve been talked into making sure there’s a paperback and asked once so far if there’s an audio version. It’s coming (any moment), and we’ll see. If serial fiction is your thing, it will post on Wattpad on Wednesdays beginning the next day in 10-15 scene bursts and with suitable cliffhangers. If getting cliffhangered isn’t your thing, please consider the ebook.

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