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    The Creative Plan for 2023

    by Overall, 2022 was a good year, but you’d never know it by looking at my blog. Fewer than 40 posts for the whole year. But my total word count for 2022 was just a few words over 155k. Yes, not the most productive year I’ve ever had, but it’s nothing to sneeze at and I’m very happy with the progress I made on the projects I focused on. And 2022 is over. To borrow a quote, “I never look back, darling. It distracts from the now.” (Edna Mode, The Incredibles) I actually look back quite a bit. Nostalgia and I are close friends. But that’s not what this post…

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    Happy New Year!

    by For those using for those using the same calendar I am at least. I light of recent activities and events for me, it seems reasonable to call the first day of the new year a day of rest. I certainly have things to write and things to catch up on, but I think getting started on all that can wait until tomorrow. In the meantime, whenever you might be reading this, I hope whatever year it is for you is bringing you what you need. Stay safe and be well, everyone. by