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    Launch Day for Ancient Runes

    by It’s launch day! Which means that Ancient Runes is no longer listed as pre-order anywhere. Instead, it’s immediate delivery for ebooks and Amazon-speed shipping if you’re after the paperback (which appears to be Prime eligible for those interested). I haven’t really done a launch before, being more focused on building up a bit of a title list over the last two years so that there’s some selection to go with my name. Product before presence, which seems to be the opposite of normal these days. At this moment, Ancient Runes is novel number 6 available, and there are a dozen shorter ebooks and three collections (one of poetry) to…

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    The Launching of Ancient Runes

    by So I’ve decided to have some fun and actually have a my own version of a book launch for Ancient Runes, which will be available on May 7th at $2.99 US (modified by exchange rates into other currencies which I unfortunately have no control over). That price will last for exactly 30 days, at which point it will move to $4.99, which is what I’m calling my “normal” price in the current version of the market for a novel that comes in under 85k words. Ancient Runes is only a few hundred words under that threshold. There won’t be a tour of any kind, but I do want to…

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    3rd Draft of a Novel

    by So, I think I might have discussed my fiction writing process before, but to recap: 1st Draft = get the story out of my skull. The word dump. Sometimes it just pours into the keyboard and sometimes every word is a struggle. 2nd Draft = fix what’s broken. This starts with a read through, making notes as I go on what I think doesn’t work or needs to be improved. 3rd Draft = make it pretty. This draft is where the most words change. Sentences, paragraphs, and chapters might move around, or not, but while the story usually stays more or less intact, this draft involves a lot of…