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    Thoughts On Buck Rogers Season 2

    by I was eight the year Buck Rogers came to television. I remember it fondly. Season 2 began just after my tenth birthday. A bit of an extra gap for the time period, but it looks like it appeared as a mid-season replacement. I’ve been doing a middle-age rewatch of the show for a while, and as I type this, I have two episodes left in the second season. I’ll probably finish it by the end of the long weekend, and I have thoughts. Season 1 is filled with 1970s cheesy SF goodness. Action, sound effects, bright colours, disco music whenever they could get away with it, and the beginnings…

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    Competing Visions of the Future

    by On Saturday, I wrote about the genre TV I’m watching now and pointed out on (V) that holds up really well. My brain is still running over that ground, I guess, and I want to point out two of those series that don’t hold up as well, but for different reasons. Buck Rogers and Space 1999. For the first, Buck Rogers is a late-disco era vision of the 25th century. It’s bright and colourful, both in terms of sets and costumes. If those costumes are tight or revealing in ways that don’t necessarily make sense for the parts the actors are supposed to be playing, it’s easy to remember…

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    The TV SF of my formative years – Pre-1980s

    by By which I mean shows made before the 1980s, although a couple of them spill over a bit. A couple of these, I didn’t actually discover until about 1990 and living on my own in second year university. I made an offhand comment on Facebook a couple of days ago that I was searching out the “greatest SF television of my formative years” for stretched out binge watching during the shutdown. (As previously noted on more than one occasion, I’m not wired to be able to do standard binge-watching. I can’t do one thing for that long at a time.) I even listed the shows I was after, most…