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    Project: The 50 Year-Old Freshman

    by I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m going back to school. School as in university. University as in the university of my youth, the one I walked away from with most of a degree complete but with the patience to deal with what I thought was annoying bullshit at the time but which I now recognize was just me not paying attention to reality and what I actually needed to do in order to be a good student. Part of the problem was that I’d never had to be a good student before I got to university. Things came easy enough that I could get away with just paying…

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    Field Trips

    by So all of my children have different ideas of what school should be, and what it means to be social, and things they should have to do. This is normal and natural, and I expect no less from them, but they are coming into an age where they can actually argue better than, “I don’t want to”. This is a good thing, but sometimes makes discussions take a little longer. I love that they are using their brains to try to get their way rather than a just flat black and white argument. But as a result of this growing brain power, both of the girls did not go…

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    Academic Goals for the Short Term

    by So I’ve set some goals this year that many people would consider ridiculous in a variety of areas at a variety of levels. I hinted at these in my post on how I’ve been Underclocking My Life. Today, I thought I’d toss a couple of details out for a couple of the things I’m planning. Calculus and Physics. You see, the thought process that the underclocking realization started me on made me remember all of the things that I used to want to know and do. And my life has circled back around to the point where I can see my oldest child getting ready to start learning some of the…