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    Heroes Inc

    by So, the first time I try to set something to pre-order and give it a release date, and it looks like things worked. Heroes Inc. is both an e-book and a paperback. Amazon.com = https://www.amazon.com/Heroes-Inc-Citizen-Trilogy-1-ebook/dp/B07RXMRGMB/ Amazon.ca = https://www.amazon.ca/Heroes-Inc-Citizen-Trilogy-1-ebook/dp/B07RXMRGMB/ I tried to give the paperback cover a slightly different look while using the same image, and I’m happy with the result, but it still looks weird to me. I think that’s mostly because I’m used to the first one. Be well, everyone. by

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    Heroes Inc. Cover Reveal

    by So, here it is: the almost-guaranteed cover for Heroes Inc, first book in The Citizen Trilogy. Picture yourself in full superhero garb, standing on a rooftop and looking out over the city you’ve sworn to protect. Assuming, of course, you can actually find any criminals to deal with. It’s an awesome picture, I think. This is a superhero novel, though without any lab accidents or radioactive insects or alien babies crash-landing on Earth. The “back cover” copy: Armed with a super suit, an IT degree, and a little bit of writing skill, our prospective hero plunges into the heroing business as an official field tester for Heroes Inc., a…