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    The 2022 Publishing Schedule

    by I didn’t actually say, did I? Time to remedy that. There are seven things in total (not counting Star Trek fanfic) on the list for 2022. I did mention that I’ll be releasing something for each even numbered month. That gives us: June Bits of the Multiverse – fifty-ish thousand words of SF that may represent a cross-section of my work in that genre. The first few chapters of four novels plus four complete short stories. I’ve talked about this before, and actually managed to get it done and out ahead of June Scattered Realms just went up a couple of days ago. Same idea as Bits of the…

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    Publishing Update

    by Just a quick update today as I try to get into the habit of blogging regularly again. The basic list of 3 things is well under way. These were: Standardize what I’ve published so far. I have the plan for this and have started to standardize the short fiction covers. After that, the covers for longer work. Once the covers are done, I’ll be doing the insides and updates in batches of five. Prep the next few things for publication. By next few, I decided on four, two of which are samplers. The first of those, Bits of the Multiverse, is SF, complete, and available. The second is called…

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    The Indie Pub List

    by So I’ve already mucked up the blogging 2 out of 3 Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan. This post was supposed to have been yesterday. I want to be fair to myself and say I started on a Wednesday and yesterday was crowded and I’m writing it now… so maybe I will. Life isn’t always smooth on a daily basis. The plan for this post is a basic list of all the indie publishing I’ve done so far and a sharing the publishing schedule from now to the end of the year. Side note: the list of 26 items on the publishing reorganization is now up to 30 after having first…

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    Change in Design Philosophy

    by I’ve recently undergone a bit of design philosophy change when it comes to e-books. Well, books in general, but e-books specifically. I’ve always enjoyed those few pages some publishers put in the back of the book giving you a taste of the sequel or another work by the author. The first couple of chapters or to the end of the scene that breaks 5,000-ish words. A glimpse of things to come. Love it. Not everyone does, and that’s fine. But I have seen a few notes here and there that it upsets some people to get to the end of the story before they’ve gotten to the end of…

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    I Think I’ve figure out my E-book Pricing Structure

    by After extensive study of far too many recommendations and analyses, plus examining what far too many Indie authors are actually doing when it comes to e-books, I’ve come up with a pricing strategy that I think works for me. Looking at the market overall and wanting to provide perceived value for money spent for the reader, I’ve come up with something that’s essentially based on story length, or length of the total fiction text in the volume. It also incorporates a couple of thoughts I have and that I’ve slowly learned appear to be backed up by people who actually know what they’re talking about. Giving away your work…

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    What if I Change My Mind?

    by I’m not sure when it became a bad thing for people to change their minds in the light of new information or an evolving situation. If you look back at things, are you likely to hold the same views on everything at forty as you did at twenty? Seems unlikely. The world is different, the things that surround you are different, and you’ve had twice as much life experience so you’re different. So what have I changed my mind on today? Pursuing traditional publishing at novel-length as a productive use of my time. I had been working on the route where I’m pursuing both routes, independent and traditional, but…

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    Evolving Phases of the Indie Plan

    by I’m a planner. Have we talked about that before? It’s probably fairly obvious from how much I enjoy writing about my monthly and yearly goals and plans, and how things are going with them. It goes deeper than that, of course. But so do the plans themselves. I’m moving a bit away from the traditional publishing goals I’d originally set (more on that on a later, but not too much later, day), and deeper into the indie goals. Accordingly, I have a plan. Actually, I have a plan that’s been modified to suit vision that no longer includes traditional publishing at novel length (again, more another day). That vision…

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    Dedicated Creative Time

    by I made a big deal a few days ago at the incredible amount of editing progress I’ve made since being off due to the COVID shutdown in Ontario. The truth of the matter is it could have been a whole lot more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled with the amount of progress I’ve made in the last six weeks or so, but most of that progress has been in the “spare time” of a life spent not at work. Once all of the day’s chores and to do list items have been done, I get to spend some writing time, but only after my family members have worked…

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    Indie Publishing Update

    by So, beyond the inconveniences associated with sheltering in place and only making a weekly trip out for supplies, the COVID19 shutdown in Ontario has offered me the chance to catch up on a few things and even get ahead in certain areas of my life. One of those is creative work. I’ve written several times that I didn’t plan to do a lot of drafting of new material for the first half of 2020. There are too many things that are in various stages of editing that I need to get to readable so I can either publish independently or look for markets for. The second piece of that…

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    Heroes Inc

    by So, the first time I try to set something to pre-order and give it a release date, and it looks like things worked. Heroes Inc. is both an e-book and a paperback. Amazon.com = https://www.amazon.com/Heroes-Inc-Citizen-Trilogy-1-ebook/dp/B07RXMRGMB/ Amazon.ca = https://www.amazon.ca/Heroes-Inc-Citizen-Trilogy-1-ebook/dp/B07RXMRGMB/ I tried to give the paperback cover a slightly different look while using the same image, and I’m happy with the result, but it still looks weird to me. I think that’s mostly because I’m used to the first one. Be well, everyone. by