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    Homecoming 2022

    by Homecoming is a thing. Every year, at pretty much every school. Even though I’m a current student, I’m not so interested in the big football game that goes along with it, or the giant parties. I’m after the nostalgia. Yes, I dwell too much in nostalgia as it is. I’ll see or hear something or someone that reminds me of something or someone else and a mental chain will remind me of something I haven’t thought of in years or decades. But that’s not this nostalgia. The nostalgia of Homecoming for me is a shared nostalgia. This year, I got to share it with an old friend who drove…

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    Competing Visions of the Future

    by On Saturday, I wrote about the genre TV I’m watching now and pointed out on (V) that holds up really well. My brain is still running over that ground, I guess, and I want to point out two of those series that don’t hold up as well, but for different reasons. Buck Rogers and Space 1999. For the first, Buck Rogers is a late-disco era vision of the 25th century. It’s bright and colourful, both in terms of sets and costumes. If those costumes are tight or revealing in ways that don’t necessarily make sense for the parts the actors are supposed to be playing, it’s easy to remember…