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    Winter Term 2023

    by I think I mentioned that this year was a heavy one, and deliberately. It’s not quite as heavy as I originally planned overall due to dropping a course first term. I didn’t want to, exactly, but the first assignment handed out had some Python programming on a topic that was listed for the last week of my the Python programming course I’d started taking at the same time. Seemed like a recipe for a low grade and I can’t afford those. Nothing I really wanted to take, as in nothing I felt contributed enough to my goals, fit the free space, so I focused on the courses I was…

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    School Is Fast Approaching

    by So school starts two weeks from tomorrow. And I mean school for me, in case you were wondering. Long story that’s been told elsewhere summarized: Covid-19 Shutdown of my industry Buy Out Package My wife explaining to me that it’s time to do those things I’ve dreamed about turning into a career Back to University The intention at the outside is to follow a science degree with an education degree and spend my remaining professional years as a high school science and math teacher. That’s evolved a bit, but the basic premise is still the same. This year, with things back to normal I’m looking for the full university…