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    Seek Balance, Grasshopper

    by Because I certainly haven’t had it so far this term. I’ve been so deep in the academics (and with generally good results although a couple of things could have been less last-minute and worth a few more marks) that I’ve literally tossed everything else. Very little time with my family. A total of 5000 words making it to the computer in terms of writing. There’s maybe 1500 more long hand that needs to be transcribed. (I wrote the January Flash piece, btw, but it’s still on paper.) No blog entries since classes started and exactly one journal entry that’s part of a separate project I don’t track with the…

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    You Need Balance, Grasshopper

    by So the question is why I didn’t post for most of May and all of June. I suppose the answer can be made very simple: school. Reality is a bit more than that, of course. It wasn’t really a secret, and I posted about it a couple of times before running silent, that I was returning to university for an undergraduate degree. I talked about the plans in a lot of detail yesterday, so I’m not going to go into it again. But it might be worth discussing exactly what that means in terms of a time commitment. You can find it a number of places on the Queen’s…

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    by Spring Term has let me figure out that I do, in fact, have the work ethic to be an effective university student at my age. Something I didn’t really have when I was twenty. If you look back at my academic record during my first sojourn at university, you will discover that I was an erratic student with a general downward trend. Every year I attended, there were good marks and bad marks, basically dependent on how interested I was in the course overall, but with each successive year both sets were a little bit lower. This time, with less of my life ahead of me after my potential…

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    Project: The 50 Year-Old Freshman

    by I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m going back to school. School as in university. University as in the university of my youth, the one I walked away from with most of a degree complete but with the patience to deal with what I thought was annoying bullshit at the time but which I now recognize was just me not paying attention to reality and what I actually needed to do in order to be a good student. Part of the problem was that I’d never had to be a good student before I got to university. Things came easy enough that I could get away with just paying…

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    TLDR – Back to School

    by The first line of ducks are in a row. Future lines require the success of the first line. However, the first line up is cause for me to announce the Plan. The short, short version: I’m going back to school. The short version: I’m returning to Post-Secondary education effective January 11th 2021. The longer version that doesn’t go into excessive detail: the essential plan is that I intend to achieve a Math and Science degree followed by a B.Ed. and spend the remainder of my professional career as a high school math and/or science teacher. January 11th, because that’s the first day of the next term and even if…