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    Project: The 50 Year-Old Freshman

    by I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m going back to school. School as in university. University as in the university of my youth, the one I walked away from with most of a degree complete but with the patience to deal with what I thought was annoying bullshit at the time but which I now recognize was just me not paying attention to reality and what I actually needed to do in order to be a good student. Part of the problem was that I’d never had to be a good student before I got to university. Things came easy enough that I could get away with just paying…

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    TLDR – Back to School

    by The first line of ducks are in a row. Future lines require the success of the first line. However, the first line up is cause for me to announce the Plan. The short, short version: I’m going back to school. The short version: I’m returning to Post-Secondary education effective January 11th 2021. The longer version that doesn’t go into excessive detail: the essential plan is that I intend to achieve a Math and Science degree followed by a B.Ed. and spend the remainder of my professional career as a high school math and/or science teacher. January 11th, because that’s the first day of the next term and even if…