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    Drafting Fiction

    by About six weeks earlier than I planned, I’ve started drafting fiction again. It’s not, so far as I can tell, affecting the editing progress I’ve planned to make in the same period, which probably means I’m neglecting something else slightly, so I’m going to keep at it. It’s only been going on about a week so far, and I’m not dedicating a huge amount of time for it, but it’s making me happy. There’s a particular kind of pleasure in crafting new words that’s different than the pleasure I get from polishing and rearranging existing ones. Yes, I’ve still got a lot (A LOT) of catch up to do…

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    New Serials

    by There’s been a bit of a gap, but I’m kicking the serials back into gear. By the time this posts, two of them will have started already, and the third should be launching tomorrow. Covers all link to the serials on Wattpad. First up, “Trollsign”. Sorry. I’m tentatively using the first cover but I really like minimalism of the second, and they both make sense in context of the story. “Trollsign” is a 13,000-word novelette with 14 scenes. Several of those are really short, so I think the serial is likely to happen in 10 releases. New scenes release on Wattpad on Wednesdays and started on February 19th. Next,…

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    Writing Fiction Again

    by Yesterday, I wrote my first words of new fiction in about three and a half months. 261 of them. It felt so good, I wrote 270 more today. Now, I have been doing some fiction work, but it’s all been editing, and mostly short stories. I’ve also been writing quite a bit of non-fiction, philosophy, family history, a few book reviews, and the occasional blog post like this one. But nothing like the pace I set for most of last year. In fact, last year, if I total things up, had almost 700,000 words in it and 450,000 of those were fiction. This year has 117,000 so far, which…

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    Back to the Fiction

    by So if you’ve been reading (or even just noticing) my monthly writing reports, you’ll probably have the impression that I’ve been getting a lot of writing done for about a year now. And I am. I’m closing in on half a million new words of various sorts for 2014, but most of it is raw first draft because I haven’t been able to squeeze nearly as much editing time out of my life as I’d like. But that’s okay. All of those words will be waiting for me when I can get to them. I’m trying to find a little time lately, but life has been giving me a…

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    State of Graceland

    by Once upon a time, there was a teenager named Lance. Growing up in the pre-Internet era, Lance was still quite fond of media: TV, movies, and especially books and music. He read voraciously, started to figure out writing (though that would mostly come later), and always had the radio or a record or cassette playing in the background. This as the 1980s. There would eventually be CDs, but they were expensive in the early days and he didn’t have a CD player until the summer he was nineteen. In the fall of 1986 he heard, “You Can Call Me Al” on the radio. Without knowing exactly why, he found…

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    Do Not Disturb

    by So, I don’t consider myself a Horror writer. Science Fiction and Fantasy usually fall into my keyboard. My heart belongs to them, reading and writing. It’s not that I have anything against Horror, because I don’t, and not solely because it’s not my way to piss on other people’s art. Although that’s a nice rule to add to your personal book. But I don’t enjoy being disturbed by my entertainment. I get enough of that from my reality, thanks. No, I should correct that. I’m not interested in being disturbed by my entertainment when that’s its sole or primary purpose. There’s nothing wrong with having disturbing situations in a…

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    My Destiny Awaits

    by So as I look back through my writing log, I find that there’s been about exactly 275 words of new fiction since I finished a flash piece on May 29th. Oh, I’ve written. Blog posts in the main, at least recently. Book reviews, scripting and show notes for Days of Geek. But not fiction. The summer was weird, though it did have a fair bit of editing involved, most of it on a single project that’s now only a handful of days from being finished the third draft. I’ve got lots of other things to edit, too, but I suddenly, finally, desperately need to work on something new. So…

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    The Making of a Fiction Podcast

    by So, aside from the recently launched/about to launch Days of Geek podcast, I’ve been talking about podcasting fiction for a long time. I’ve finally started, picking a ‘get my feet wet’ project to begin with, a 13,000-word fantasy novelette I wrote a couple of years ago. Thorvald’s Wyrd is a good trial piece in a lot of ways, but there are two big ones. First, it’s only 13,000 words. That should make it an audio project with a clearly visible end right from the beginning. And second, the scenes in the story are very short, exactly 100 words long apiece. I’ve broken it up into 10 episodes of 12-14…

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    A Quick Writing Update

    by So I haven’t blogged much lately, but I have been getting some stuff done. Christmas, mostly, but a little bit of writing and related activities as well. I’ve done most of the pre-writing I want to do for Dreams of Freedom and expect to start writing it somewhere between now and Christmas. The story is taking shape pretty well in my head and I hope that’s a good thing. Previous experience with detailed plotting has had me lose interest pretty quickly once I start writing. I’m usually better off only plotting three or four chapters ahead at most. Trying things a little differently this time, so we’ll see how…

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    The Doorbell Rang

    by A quick little bite of fiction for Friday… The doorbell rang. Harvey stared at the front door, dreading what might stand on the other side.  What horror might await the unwary?  A salesman?  Perhaps one thinly disguised offering a prize or special discount.  Or the young variety, fundraising with chocolate or magazines.  Perhaps someone canvassing for charity?  A politician?  It might even be the dreaded invitation to a local church. The doorbell rang. It could be worth a man’s wallet, life, political allegiance, or immortal soul to answer the door.  The doorbell rang, but Harvey didn’t answer.  He didn’t even bother to bark.  The rug was too comfortable. by